Property Tax Research

Current and prior year tax status searches for large volume or single B2B requests.

  • Order of magnitude faster
  • Much more accurate
  • Less expensive

Better than anything else in the tax industry.


Texas Tax Certificates

Create the tax certificate in real-time as up to date as the collectors own records.

  • Simple interface
  • Easy date downs
  • Full versioning

Best way to create, view, and issue tax certificates.


Chain of Title

Grantor/Grantee indexes and document images for title chains are retrieved in seconds.

  • Name and address searches
  • Rules based filtering
  • Zip archive delivery

Easiest way to research chain of title documents.


Process Automation

Leverage technology to automate traditional workflows and manual processes.

  • Improve work product quality
  • Save time and resouces
  • Reduce costs

Working smarter is simply better than working harder.


Process Re-Engineering

Businesses must operate on thin margins and are always looking for ways to work better.

  • Better customers experience
  • Get more done with less
  • Be more agile

There will always be room for improvement and innovation.


Data Extraction

Information can be locked away inside formats that are not convenient or useable.

  • Inconsistent formats
  • Inefficient access
  • Buried in markup

Leverage technology to do the date retrieval heavy-lifting.


UX Design

Focusing on usability makes a software system as simple and easy to use as possible.

  • Websites
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Making technology solutions friendly and approachable.


Software Development

There is always too much work and not enough time or resources to get done the job.

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • C#/VB.NET/Java
  • C/C++

If you are going to work with someone, why not the best?


System Integration

Business to business integration streamlines the submission and delivery process.

  • Proprietary interfaces
  • SOAP/Web services
  • File transfers

Allows reallocation of resources to other important tasks.