Targeted Portfolio Analysis


Tax Certification System


Recorded Document Search

Targeted Portfolio Analysis

High volume property tax searches no longer requires the time consuming manual effort that tax service companies and search firms have used in the past. Our experience from building large databases and managing search teams for some of the largest tax service providers in the country is the inspiration for our new technology.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Portfolio Acquisition/Sale
  • Delinquent Tax Date Downs
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Tax Bill Procurement

We have developed a convenient web application and web services to process requests based on a single parcel search or batch of parcels. All search results are available directly from the website, or they can be delivered through email, or system to system integration. – Please contact us for integration documentation.

Bill Procurement

Avoid penalties and negative client impact associated with large volumes and short timelines.

Payment Status

TPA can deliver data from the most reliable source as part of any workflow that requires tax payment status.

Single or Batch

Process your items your way. One at a time or thousands in a single batch.

Convenient Delivery

Text, XML, Excel and custom formats are fully supported.